The Birth of a Brand-New Type          of Calculator: Mono Calculator

Mono Calculator is a new type of calculator app. 

It shows its power when performing a large amount of calculations using the same Template (for example: A + B.)

As this method consists of first creating a Template, then copying it while changing only the necessary values, the larger the number of calculation and their common denominators, the less operations are necessary when compared with a normal calculator.

For example, when performing the equation "20 + A + B + 1.05 × 10 =" 100 times on a normal calculator, all of the values would have to be repeatedly inputted 100 times.

However, when using Mono Calculator, it becomes possible to obtain the results for all of the equations by simply inputting the values for A and B, by first registering a Template, as mentioned above.

Account settlements, tax calculations, the entirety of the app's detailed design is available for use. 

The app contains a normal calculator built-in, also available for use.

Items for consideration when using the app) 

Mono Calculator performs calculation resolution using floating point representation. 

Please take note that the accuracy of the calculation results will fall as the numerical figure length increases.

Please aim to keep the figure length to less than 10 numerals in order to preserve accuracy.

This product possesses the following characteristics.

・A flexible Template creation function

⇒In addition to basic functions, √, number power equations, and trigonometric functions can also be used.

⇒ Intuitive manipulation allows for easy editing of Templates. 

⇒As ( ) can be used in any Template, the common irritant of having to pay particular attention to the order of a calculation while inputting its values is no longer present.

⇒A help function is included at every step of making a Template. Typical methods of operation are also included for use if anything is unclear.

・Naming feature

⇒By adding a name to a "Mono", it is possible to clarify both the contents of that Mono and what it represents. 

⇒By adding a name to any calculation result, it is possible to record what that calculation result represents. 

・"Mono" library loading

⇒It is possible to name an often-used value(a tax rate, for example,)as a Mono object, and record it in the library.

Mono objects recorded in the Mono library can be recalled and used at any time.

・A rich variety of secondary uses for calculation results 

⇒Calculation results can be sent as a group via e-mail. 

⇒Calculation results can be changed into text data copied to a paste board. 

The copied calculation results can be pasted and used on a memo app.

・iPad support

We are planning to add even more parts for the creation of Templates in the future.

Please send us your requests through the "feedback" menu in the preferences screen.

Mono Calculator
Calculator for iPhone & iPad
Is under development.
Price: $3.99 (This is the price at launch, and is subject to change due to factors such as exchange rate changes

Mono Calculator Lite
Is under development.
Price: Free

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