RelationalVoiceRecorder is a voice recorder that allows for a variety of information to be attached to the recording.

Notes of Caution When Purchasing
The feature enabling upload to Dropbox is available because this product is approved by Dropbox Inc.
Before purchasing, please understand that if there is a change in the approval status or contract, the feature enabling uploads to Dropbox may become temporarily or permanently unusable.

This product has the following strong points:
-An auto gain (10dB) feature for recording included.
->By boosting the audio level to double the physical sensitivity (10dB), even quiet sounds will be made audible.
->The auto gain function can be switched ON/OFF even during recording. In cases such as when the volume is too loud, the auto gain feature can be turned OFF without stopping recording.

-Recording monitoring is supported
->By connecting earphones while recording, it is possible to confirm the actual audio level while recording.

-Support for both the highly compressed AAC format and the highly versatile LinearPCM format.
->Recording a 5 minute file in AAC format will create a file approximately 2.5MB in size
->Recording a 5 minute file in LinearPCM format will create a file approximately 12MB in size.
->The recording format can be changed via the environmental settings screen.

-Recording Location Data can be saved.
->The recording location can be checked via a map with this product.

-Memos can be attached to recorded files and saved.

-Recorded files can be attached to emails and sent.
->Memo information and the GoogleMaprecording location link will be automatically added to the body of the email, so there is no need to manually input.

-Direct upload to Dropbox is possible
->Memo information and recording location will be output to a text file and uploaded together with the recorded file.
->Uploads to Dropbox occur without synchronization, so recording and playback are available even during upload.
->Even in cases in which this product is shut down in the middle of an upload, the upload process will be continued the next time the app is launched.

-Compatible with high speed transfer using iTunes file sharing feature when attached to a PC.
->For lengthy, large files, attaching to a PC allows for quick transfer.

-Feature included to disable auto lock feature during recording and playback
->The ON/OFF setting for the auto lock feature can be adjusted via the environment settings screen.

-A design with a sense of transparency
->Have adopted a design with black as the underlying tone, and a sense of transparency.

-30 types over of visualizer
->30 types over of visualizer are included. Please enjoy recording and playback with the visualizer of your choice.
->We plan to further add to the visualizer types with future updates.

Relational Voice Recorder
A voice recorder for iPhone (Can also be used with iPad.)
On sale now
Price: $3.99 (This is the price at launch, and is subject to change due to factors such as exchange rate changes.)

Relational Voice Recorder Lite
On sale now
Price: Free

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