One morning in a certain country, a volcano that had been worried about for some time massively erupted, coughing up tons of rocks, ash and magma and still rains downs on the town.
The people, however, have not panicked all because a brilliant minister had a state of the art defense base constructed in advance.
It's finally time for the defense base to go into action!
Just then an unbelievable message arrives for the minister.
The defense commander got a stomach ache after eating some cake he found sitting somewhere and is bedridden.
This is horrible. No matter how high tech the base is, it can't operate without the commander.
The minister thinks quickly and makes a decision.

Recruit a new defense commander right away!

In the blink of an eye the call spreads through the town.
The message reaches you, who are worried about what to eat every day, and you leap at the chance.
You get chosen as defense commander right away. After all, you were the only one who applied.
Everyone else is holed up in their homes, afraid, or are just pretending not to have noticed the recruitment and are proceeding with their lives as normal.
But they're not you.
Can you keep everyone safe and enjoy a delicious breakfast?

Surprisingly, a message comes from the sick defense commander.

Now don't waste ammunition(wink...),

is what it says. Good luck!!

Defensive type shooting game for iPad.
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