Urgent Recruitment for Defense Commander! is a game where you protect 6 towns by intercepting volcanic debris that rains down from the sky.

If you fail to intercept the volcanic projectiles and they make a direct hit, the cities will be destroyed.
When all of the towns have been destroyed, it's game over.
However, the people in the towns don't just watch the horror from the sidelines.
When a stage is cleared, 1 of the destroyed towns gets restored.

Also after clearing a stage, the remaining towns restore your ammunition for you.
The more towns remaining the more ammunition that gets restored so protect as many cities as you can.

Protect the towns by destroying the volcanic projectiles!

The volcanic projectiles fall slowly from the top of the screen toward the towns.
You fire artillery from the base and must intercept the falling projectiles before they hit the towns.
When you tap the screen, a round is fired from the base toward the point where you tapped, and when it arrives it detonates and causes a large explosion.
The rounds you fire are a bit different from normal shells in that up until they explode they will pass right through volcanic projectiles without harming them.
The volcanic projectiles can only be destroyed by a large explosion.
In exchange for giving your artillery the explosive power to destroy the falling debris, the speed had to be reduced.
Watch the movement of the volcanic projectiles carefully and aim your rounds so that the volcanic projectiles are caught in the explosion.

Be careful with ammo!

Regardless of the base being state of the art, your ammunition is limited.
If it falls to 0, all you will be able to do is look on helplessly as the cities are destroyed.
Just as stated in the previous defense commander's message, use your ammunition wisely.
The remaining ammunition is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

A sudden turn around with items!?

When you destroy volcanic projectiles, they drop items.
These items fall toward the base. If they make it to the base in one piece, you can acquire them.
Watch out for one thing, though. If the falling items are caught in an explosion they will disappear.

A surprise when towns level up!

The towns level up by 1 when you clear a stage.
The higher a town's level, the better it's bonus ability and when a town is leveled all the way up it will cooperate with the base!
Raise all of the towns to the highest level and build a strong defense city.

Go for a high score with chain hits!

Your rounds aren't the only thing that can destroy the volcanic projectiles.
A volcanic projectile that gets caught in an explosion gives off an explosion about as big as your artillery.
When a volcanic projectile gets caught in the explosion of another volcanic projectile, it becomes a chain hit and the points you receive are progressively doubled.
Aim for a high score by actively going for chains.
When you get a lot of chains certain things can be unlocked in the results.

Go for a high score with Double Points!

One of the items dropped by the volcanic projectiles is the Double Point item.
If you acquire this item the points you receive will be X2(doubled).
By repeatedly acquiring this item, the factor applied to your points can go up to X8.
On top of that, the Double Point effect works with chains!
For example, if you get a 5 chain hit starting with a 100 point projectile, you would get 3,200 points but with X8 points you get 25,600 points!
The Double Points effect lasts until one of the towns is destroyed.
Try to maintain the Double Point effect for as long as you can to get a high score.
The current factor applied to your points is shown to the right of your score.