This item can reward you 500 points.
Hey, donft make fun of this, OK? Anyone who scoffs at 500 points may end up crying for 500 points later.


  This item can reward you with 10 missiles.
And you can never have too much missile.

City level up

  This levels up all of your cities that are not damaged.
It would be lucky to get lots of these early on in the game!

Double points

  This doubles the number of points that you can score.
That means that if you get 100 points, you actually score 200 points.
The rate keeps doubling each time you acquire another one of these, to four times, eight times and so on.
The doubling effect remains so long as no volcanic bombs hit your cities so try to keep this for a while and aim for a high score!


  This eliminates all volcanic bombs and monsters on the screen.
While an incredibly powerful weapon, there are no points awarded for the volcanic bombs it eliminates. If youfre aiming for a high score, this item may even be a nuisance.
But relax. Items will still appear from the volcanic bombs that it destroys.
It may become the single shot that brings you back from the brink of destruction.