Defense Base

  A state of the art defense base built to protect the city from volcanic bombs.
As long as this base exists, with you as the defense commander, then the city will be safe.
But please don't make the mistake of becoming too focused on defending the city; don't let volcanic bombs fall directly onto the base either!


You must protect this city.
Do your best and protect all the cities.
The city provides all types of support to the base, and it grows slowly, one step at a time.
And when the city reaches its highest level of growth...? You will just have to find out for yourself.

The rescue

  These are strong allies that can help you restore the devastated city.
Be aware that even if you aim at them you will not be able to destroy them.

Volcanic bomb

  Devastating volcanic bombs that keep falling down onto the city.
Intercept all of them and be recognized as the most amazing defense commander!
If you are a truly excellent defense commander, you might be able to detect the amazing behavior of the volcanic bombs.

Fireball Ghost

  Of course, if you destroy too much, even the volcanic bombs would get angry.
The anger of the volcanic bombs is represented in this formidable enemy possessing a will of its own.
What is scary about the fireball ghost is that it always goes after any part of the city that has not yet been destroyed, throwing fireballs down to destroy as much as possible.
If you manage to intercept them you will gain a high score and get hold of some great items, so be proactive and go after them!